Putting the Dog Down, at Least For a Nap

—Written by David Mikucki on January 2, 2017—

You might have noticed that this website has been content anemic. Or perhaps you didn’t notice content coming from this website, which is sort of a different way of saying the same thing. Let me first apologize for failing to deliver the at-least-mediocre content that our audience of at least three people was kind of enthusiastically expecting. We had a lot of good intentions when we started this site, built it up with a fancy, comically over-the-top trailer, and then sort of fell flat. We’re really quite sorry about that.

When Zak and I decided to launch this site, we had certain expectations for the time that we would be able to put into it. Shortly before we launched, some things came up in Zak’s personal life that meant he wouldn’t have quite as much time to put into it. We scaled back our plans to what we thought was an appropriate degree, and pressed forward. Right around the time we had set for our launch date, it became pretty clear we would both have even less time than we expected. We launched anyway, hoping we’d be able to make the time.

For a little bit, I was posting content to We Distinguish by myself because I had more time than Zak, but neither of us wanted that to be a long-term solution because it was always supposed to be a joint effort. However, November through December is the busiest season at work for me, and so we’ve effectively gone dark for nearly a couple months now.

It is probably true that I could find time to post one or two things a week, but without Zak posting, this site would be limping along like a three legged dog. That’s why we’ve decided to put the website down, at least for a nap. The current content will stay up, and we may eventually relaunch when this is something we have time for. This post is to let any still mildly loyal readers know not to expect anything from us any time soon. If we launch again, we’ll make sure to announce it.

Thanks for the support you’ve given us. You can still find me on my Twitter, making snarky comments. And you can find Zak in his little Amish village, almost eschewing social media while he tries to learn the biblical languages.

Lastly, if you’re interested in the kind of content we were hoping to provide, let me recommend that you check out PurelyPresbyterian.com. They’re not affiliated with us, but they’ve really been putting out some great content, so we wanted to give them a shout out.