Brian Houston Says Hillsong Church Won’t Sing ‘Oceans’ or ‘Shout to the Lord’ Anymore

When it comes to influence, predictability is our enemy. Because you never get influence from doing things the way they’ve always been done. […] You may be shocked to hear we don’t sing ‘Shout to the Lord’ anymore at Hillsong Church. It’s not 1993. If you come all the way to Australia and you hope to hear ‘Shout to the Lord,’ your chances are slight. We don’t even sing ‘Oceans’ much anymore.

In a three-part series of full-length blog posts, I couldn’t explain everything that’s wrong here. But may I briefly suggest that worship is something we do for God, because He’s worthy of it—and not because we want influence?

That said, I recognize that I cannot begin to combat the hundreds of Bible verses that talk about how important spontaneity is and how bad predictability and consistency are, so I won’t try.

Posted by David Mikucki on October 11, 2016